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A Mattress.

It breaks our fall without breaking us, allowing us to make mistakes and try again the next day.



The artist adds flavor to the common human experience.



A subject will be most clearly understood when illuminated from multiple perspectives.



There is only work. That’s it. There’s no inspiration or artistic block. The only thing that exists is in the space between those two ideas. Work work work. Show up in the morning, work ’til lunch, eat a little lunch, work ’til dinner, eat something, take a walk, and maybe work some more. Maybe not. If you work hard, you’ll make something, and that is enough; that is empirically good in and of itself. I don’t believe in success or failure because those are both notions of the future and the past. All we have is today, and today is a good day to do some work.

– Joshua Longbrake –

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Where we decide not to shine our light is equally as important as what we choose to illuminate.


A Flying Dragon.

We can convince ourselves it’s imaginary, but we can’t ignore it forever.


A Dark Cloud.

Rain may fall heavily on one and leave the next dry.


A Lightbulb.

Without a lightbulb, electricity is dark; without you, the artist, creativity is silent.


Laying Bricks.

Every piece must fit together just right to make sure the whole is complete.




The Ocean.

The tides, currents and storms of the ocean are constantly changing with the seasons. Much the same way, our creativity changes with the seasons of life we are in. When things are going well our creativity tends to manifest in happier, more pleasant ideas; during harder times our creativity can tend to manifest in sadder, more somber ways.

– Joshua Holbrook –


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